Updated: 3rd April 2024

Easter Holidays: Only Tai Chi classes available on Tuesday evenings & Wednesday mornings.
Full timetable of classes re-start from Saturday 13th April 2024.
Beginners are always welcome. Please contact us for availability and the best class to suit you.

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Based in Totnes, South Devon all our Classes are convenient for anyone from Plymouth, Exeter, Ivybridge, Newton Abbot and Torbay. See our Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu

The "Five Elements" Association was established many years ago to allow students to enter into a structured "Grading" and achievement syllabus which affirms their abilities and extent of learning in the traditional "Eastern" arts. It is reflective of the teachings laid down by Grandmaster Chee Soo and contains the martial arts, internal arts and healing arts.

There are separate syllabuses for the Tai Chi and Kung Fu Students reflecting the different skills contained in each side of the Art. Students can follow the syllabus up to Instructor grade which will enable them to teach in their own classes.

The Kung Fu "Dragons"

The "Dragons" have their own syllabus. Their ongoing successes are also reflected by a series of Achievement certificates (18 in total) which continuously gives them encouragement and recognises their efforts.

Other Information

Joining Up - Membership of the Wu Hsing Association attracts a fixed joining fee (currently £35/£30) with an annual renewal subscription charge. There are no extra fees for Grading assessments.

Uniforms - Members of the Association are required to have full uniform but we try our best to ensure that this cost is kept to a minimum (should be around £40 in total).

Instructors - the route to Instructor is determined by the amount of time and effort that is devoted to the Arts. It is rare for a person to reach a Tai Chi Instructor grade in under 10 years as there is so much to learn. Equally, a Kung Fu Instructor has to be skilled not only in the martial arts but in dealing with all age groups and genders whilst maintaining humility and respect. People come to our classes to learn - not to fight. It should always be enjoyable and participants should feel they are in the class with a competent and knowledgeable Instructor!

The "Wu Hsing" is Chinese for the “five elements” (fire, wood, water, earth, metal) which link heaven and earth energies. The continual interaction between these elements in harmony and opposition display the basis under which the Universe exists with everything having a beginning and an end which in turn produces a beginning.  This is the Tao and the basis of the Yin/Yang concept from which Taoist thought and philosophy exists. All our teaching reflects the “five elements” and promote mental, physical and social well-being (mind, body & spirit) -- Steve, Master Trainer

Our Shop

There are a number of items available for students to purchase for their ongoing training:

  1. Black plimsolls: for use in Tai Chi & Kung Fu classes
  2. T-Shirts: blue, black or yellow shirts (depending on the class) with fully embroidered badges
  3. Black training trousers with elasticated cuff and drawstring waist
  4. Satin sashes in various colours
  5. Staffs or swords for weapons practice

Enquiries and orders are taken in class.

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