Updated: 3rd April 2024

Easter Holidays: Only Tai Chi classes available on Tuesday evenings & Wednesday mornings.
Full timetable of classes re-start from Saturday 13th April 2024.
Beginners are always welcome. Please contact us for availability and the best class to suit you.

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Based in Totnes, South Devon our Kung Fu "Dragons" Classes are convenient for children (aged 4-16) from Plymouth, Exeter, Ivybridge, Newton Abbot and Torbay. See our Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Should your child learn Kung Fu?

The Kung Fu “Dragons” classes are specially designed for children from 4 to 16 years of age. They are taught with fun in mind and, in the early stages, develop a child's basic sporting abilities.  But, as they move on, there is an underpinning element of self defence based on traditional Chinese martial arts.

These classes offer the best in physical fitness, playfulness, self-discipline and diverse learning which any parent would want for their child. What’s more, parents are actively encouraged to join in. Many do, and have a great time themselves!

Respect, Integrity & Humility are essential but we encourage qualities such as: Politeness, Caring and Concentration -- Steve, Master Trainer

Here are some examples of our Training Games for the younger students:

  • "Dragon" Racing: using spacehoppers to develop balance, co-ordination and fitness but with a deeper underlying principle of enabling them to think under a stress (albeit fun) situation
  • Cups & Saucers: reaction work under stress with a team
  • Magic Mitt: evasion drills
  • Reaction Dots: speed of thought training
  • Video Recorder: a body control game
  • Run, Jump, Catch, Throw: increasingly difficult training drills
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness: essential training drills
  • Blitz: kick training
  • Boxing & Kung Fu Speed Hand: speed training
  • Strike & Kick: bag work to practice and improve technique

Emphasis throughout the classes

The emphasis changes as the child grows up but throughout it all our intention is to help in producing well-rounded members of our society, not to teach fighting skills. We want our students to be competent sports people and confident young people who know that they have skills to protect themselves if they have to.

The 3 Levels of Kung Fu "Dragons"

The children have their own grading syllabus, backed up with a schedule of twenty attainment certificates. There are three levels based on age group and ability:

Kung Fu Kidz (aged 4-7)

These initial classes concentrate on building the baseline sports skills of Run, Jump, Catch and Throw while introducing Kung Fu stances, kicks and forms. The children have loads of fun whilst playing games to teach and develop a variety of skills.

Although not competitively driven, the students learn to strive to be the best they can be. They work in teams and develop their teamwork skills and as time goes on they will be given teaching and leadership training to bring out these qualities.

Kung Fu Juniors (aged 7-11)

At this level, the classes develop Speed, Agility and Quickness alongside Balance and Co-ordination. There is a greater introduction to the martial arts and self-defence applications are promoted.

Each child has their own strengths. We build on these and bring up their other skills as we go. Every time we train, they appreciate that "everyone is a winner" just by being there and doing the best they can.

More experienced students have their own class where they are given much closer Instructor/Student tuition to bring the best out in each one.

We also have "Senior & Elite" classes specifically targeted at preparing the students for the transition form Junior to Senior school. This helps them to be aware of what to expect. Alongside that, we try to bond them together as a stronger unit so that they can look to each other if they are feeling insecure or having difficulties once the transition happens

Teenagers (11+) (Secondary schools students)

Once at Secondary school, we start to explain the problems that they are encountering and help them to build "lifetime" strategies which can be used to help them in being happy through the education process and into the working world.

We maintain the "bonding" between the students so that they can rely on each other and the older students are aware that they need to look after the well-being of the younger ones at school.

As they grow older we start to address more mature issues to help in self-defence for all sorts of situations. They also get the chance to enter adults classes or have adults training alongside/with them.

This really is a very unique club and helps to explain why it is so successful. We are a big "family" working together to help each other.

What people say...

"It is great fun cos we get to play games” - Tianna (3)

“I love the 'Magic Mitt' and 'Cups & Saucers' games“ - Sol (6)

“I like it when we get to kick the bags. I can do front, side and back kicks” - Luke (5)

“I get a chance to train with the bigger boys and I am really good at my Poison Hand Set” - ***** (7)

“It is really good to learn kicks and learn to punch but we can only do it in self-defence, not to hurt people” - Ben (8)

“The classes really look at basic sports skills for kids not just fighting” - Colin (parent)

“I would recommend this for every parent to take their kids to” - Parent

“It is great to train alongside my son. It gives us things to do together” - Parent

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2024 Class Times

(aged 4-11)

Saturdays: 9.00 - 10.00 (AM)
(Beginners aged 8 and under & white and orange sashes)

Saturdays: 10.15 - 11.15 (AM)
(Beginners aged 8-11 & orange-brown sashes)

Wednesdays: 4.45 - 5.45 (PM)
("Seniors" invitation only)


£6/class (Members) & £7/class (Non-Members)

Discounts on fees for more than one class/week or paying for the full term ahead.

All classes @ Follaton Community Centre, Totnes

(aged 11-16 / Secondary school pupils)

Mondays: 6.00 - 7.00 (PM) - invitation only

Tuesdays: 6.00 - 7.00 (PM) - invitation only

Wednesdays: 6.00 - 7.00 (PM) - invitation  & Beginners (11+)

Thursdays: 6.00 - 7.00 (PM) - invitation only 


£6/class (Members) & £7/class (Non-Members)

Discounts on fees for more than one class/week or paying for the full term ahead.

All classes @ Follaton Community Centre, Totnes


We hold workshops In Totnes, Devon throughout the year. These give more time to concentrate on different aspects of the Art and prove to be really beneficial in enhancing personal development. Please see Classes & Workshops for more information.

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