Updated: 3rd April 2024

Easter Holidays: Only Tai Chi classes available on Tuesday evenings & Wednesday mornings.
Full timetable of classes re-start from Saturday 13th April 2024.
Beginners are always welcome. Please contact us for availability and the best class to suit you.

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Based in Totnes, South Devon our Tai Chi Classes are convenient for students from Plymouth, Exeter, Ivybridge, Newton Abbot and Torbay. See our Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Why Study Tai Chi Chu'an?

Tai Chi can really enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the world around you. It leads to decreased stress levels and greatly improves coping mechanisms. It is recommended by many organisations including the NHS, British Heart Foundation, Royal Society of Physiotherapists, The Stroke Association, the MS Society as examples. It is also recognised as beneficial in countering the affects of dementia and alzheimers.

As important it is a great place to spend time with like-minded people who want to have a look at the world with a different perspective.

The classes combine the following elements, many of which have exercises to meet specific ailments and illnesses:

  • Tai Chi Chu’an: a sequence of moves often known as "meditation in movement"
  • Tai Chi Dance: a sequence of dynamic flowing movessometimes called “The Flying Hand/Fist”
  • Chi & Li Kung work: internal, and external, energy development exercises
  • Kai Mein: ‘Open Door’ Chinese Yoga for flexibility and internal harmony
  • Tao Yin: Breathing Exercises for health and relaxation
  • Y Fu Shou: touch sensitivity work with a partner

Suitable for adults of all ages and abilities, our soft gentle classes work on harmonising Mind, Body and Spirit. The classes help improve postural alignment, balance and coordination. They are also particularly useful for those looking for long term health benefits.

Lee Family Style

Our particular style has a reputed origin of over 3,000 years and was brought to the West by Chan Kam Lee in the early part of the last century.

He passed on his knowledge of this traditional family style to Professor Chee Soo, his adopted son, who was later to become the Grandmaster of the Chinese Cultural Arts Association with thousands of students and teachers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and even as far as Australia.

Professor Chee Soo died in 1994 but his legacy lives on with a number of Master grade level teachers who have studied in all sides of this comprehensive Art which also contains the "Eight Strands of the Brocade" healing system.

As a summary, the Lee Family system contains:

  • Tai Chi Chu'an: Including Tao Yin (Breathing exercises), Chi Kung (internal energy development), Li Kung (external energy development), Kai Mein (Chinese Yoga) and Tai Chi Weapons (Staff, Sword, Silk)
  • Feng Shou Kung Fu: a comprehensive fighting system of kicks, strikes and evasions alongside locks, breakouts and weapons (staff, broadsword, fan)
  • Chi Shu: a throwing art where the opponents' force is used to throw them off their feet. Often known as Chinese Aikido
  • Chin-Na: locking and seizing art
  • Chinese wrestling and floor grappling
  • Healing Arts: Amno (massage), Tui Na (pressure point release), Chang Ming Diet, acupressure work.

All sides of the Art inter-relate and encompass parts of the other.

The depth of knowledge displayed in this ancient Art can only really be appreciated by doing classes. Excellent teaching specifically tailored to meet your needs and learning will help you on a journey of understanding in many ways.

What people say...

"We're made to think small. This teaches you to think big, really BIG!!"

"It's difficult to explain, but if you can go beyond what you think you know, you've started your journey."

“I love the softness in the movement and the way you have to link your body to what is going on inside you”

"We seem to come and go in our lives. It's only when we stay that the roots begin to grow."

"Don't expect it to be easy - like all the best things in life, it takes time and effort - but if you persist, the discoveries you make can change your life."

"Life is a journey and it is made better by these classes"

“It is the most challenging thing I do” -- Fitness Instructor

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2024 Class Times

Monday 7.30 - 9.00 - invitation only ("advanced" class)

Tuesdays: 7.30 - 8.30 - "open" class (Beginners welcome)

Wednesdays: 10.00 - 11.00 (a.m.) - "open" class (Beginners welcome)

Thursdays: 7.30 - 8.30  - "open" class (Beginners welcome)


£7/class  (Adults) or £6/class (Teens) - (Members)

£8/class (Adults) or £7/class (Teens) - (Non-Members)

Discounts on fees for more than one class/week or paying for the full term ahead.

All classes @ Follaton Community Centre, Totnes


We hold half-day workshops In Totnes, Devon which are designed to give a more intensive training time to help progress learning of the individual parts of the whole Tai Chi system. Please see Classes & Workshops for more information.

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How to get there

Follaton Community Centre, Totnes
Mike Having Fun in Tai ChiSteve Form in GardenSteve & Val Form OutdoorsTia Leading the Class in a Breathing Exercise