Updated: 21st February 2023

Classes re-started again from Monday 20th February.

Beginners need to contact us to enquire which is the best class for them and if there are spaces available.

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Based in Totnes, South Devon our Tap Dancing Classes are convenient for anyone from Plymouth, Exeter, Ivybridge, Newton Abbot and Torbay. See our Classes & Workshops page for more details.

Want to learn a new skill & have a laugh?

** Sorry - these classes are no longer available **

Our adult tap dancing classes go from the first Basic steps right up to Advanced combinations depending which class you choose. Each class starts with a warm-up and ends with a routine. So, even if you have only learnt a few Beginners steps they will be put together so that you leave the class dancing.

People leave the classes tired but with a big smile on their face! -- Jo, Dance Teacher

It is never too late in life to start Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing really helps with coordination, concentration, balance, flexibility in the ankles and legs (great to fight varicose veins) and all helped along with cool and funky music. From big bands to swing, from Broadway to modern cool, there is always something to get you moving (hopefully in rhythm!).

Based in years of training in American Rhythm Tap Dancing at Pineapple Dance Studios complimented with further studies at The Broadway Dance Centre in New York, your teacher is highly qualified.

Jo's training led to performance work as a member of the Tap Rootes Dance Company and elsewhere. ISTD qualified and having run her own Dance School, you are in good hands (or feet!) with Jo who blends all of the styles she has learnt with her passion for this type of dance.

What people say...

"It is great to do something just for pure fun!"

"I have to remember the order of the steps in the routine - it is a brain work-out, as well"

"I have tried loads of things but I stick at this because I am learning whilst I work out and have fun!"

"All I need is an extra beat to allow my body to finish at the same time as the music!"

"This is fun and really excellent for stimulating the grey cells!"

"Whatever your age, you can still feel like a movie star when you get going"

"I just love dancing to the music - it really makes you hear and appreciate it"

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